January 21, 2011

The super easy way to embed videos into WordPress

Ever since the introduction of oEmbed into WordPress in version 2.9, embedding a video into a post or a page became super easy.

There are two ways to use this new feature:

  1. Copy the video’s URL address into its own line in your page or post and make sure it is not hyperlinked (not clickable when viewing the post). WordPress - Embedding Videos into posts
  2. For this option to work   the “Auto-embeds” option in Administration > Settings > Media SubPanel must be enables.
    This option works only for a list of predefined white-listed sites

  3. Use the embed shortcode. This will accomplish the same result, but does not require the URL to be on its own line and the “Auto-embeds” setting to be enabled. It also allows you to set a maximum (but not fixed) width and height : WordPress - Embedding Videos into posts with a short code

Here is a partial  the list of sites that allow automatic embeding

For the complete list check WordPress.org>>

Michelle Castillo

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