Editing Multiple Posts/Pages – Without Changing Each Individually

We know how to edit the content and various parameters of a single post, but what happens when you need to edit a parameter for multiple posts? For example, if you have just added a new category to your blog, how to you get it to apply it to numerous posts? You could edit each post individually, and apply this new category, but this is time consuming and frustrating. We’re lucky that now, there are much better ways to accomplish this for many of the post parameters.

In the post or page management area (choose all posts/pages screen), simply check the posts/pages you would like to apply the new parameter to. Then select bulk actions > edit and click apply.

edit multipile posts

A screen, similar to the one below, will appear with a list of all selected posts on the left hand side of the page.
editing multipile posts


This is where you’ll apply your new Categories, Tags and change the status of the various parameters. Once you have chosen the changes you want to make, click on the “Update” button, and all changes will be completed.

Keep in mind when you do this, that it will be “Impossible” to remove any category from multiple posts at the same time. Removing will not be an option.

Note: If your list of posts is for multiple pages, you will not be able to select all the posts you would like to edit. If you want to edit all your posts at once, you’ll need to click on the Screen Options tab, at the top right of your dashboard, and then you’ll see it expand. Now you can choose to change the number of posts to want to see. Once completed, simply click Apply. Voila! It’s now applied to the posts you’ve chosen.

screen options

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